Running ToonTalk with a Touch Screen, Stylus, or Tablet

You can run ToonTalk in a way that treats the mouse input as screen locations. This is called the absolute mouse mode. The normal behavior of ToonTalk is to pay attention only to differences in mouse position. We call this the relative mouse mode.

In absolute mouse mode you click where you want to fly, walk, or move your hand. If you are on the floor and click on an object your hand moves there and you pick up the object. You can then click again to where you want to move the object. Another click will drop it. To use a tool like Dusty in this manner, click to pick him up, click again to move him to where you want him to be, then press a key to turn him on, and another key to turn him off.

In absolute mouse mode you can also drag things around by keeping the pointer (or mouse button) down.

If while your character is walking inside a room you click near the bottom of the screen, your character will sit down. While your character is sitting and you see the wall in front of you, you can click on the wall to stand up.

To switch to absolute mouse mode just set the switch AbsoluteMouseMode to 1. If you are trying this mode with a real mouse as opposed to a stylus or touch sensitive screen, then you probably also want to set ShowMouseCursor to 1. Setting them back to 0 will restore the installation to relative mouse mode (its normal state).

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