A Players Guide to ToonTalk

This is the manual for the Windows desktop version of ToonTalk. While there is great overlap the web version has many differences and has its own manual.

When you click on the ToonTalk icon, you are given these choices:

  1. Play puzzle game. This is a fun way to learn how things work in ToonTalk and how to build neat things. After solving some of the puzzles, you may want to know what you have learned.

  2. See demos. You can just sit back and watch a narrated introductory tour, or watch as two kids try to build a Ping Pong game, or watch lots of other demos. Click here for more information.

  3. Free play. You'll start off flying your helicopter over the ToonTalk island. Marty will help you as soon as you enter a house.

  4. Set options. Allows you to customize ToonTalk for your computer.

  5. Help. Starts up your web browser reading this file.

  6. Explore WebLabs Tools and Activities. Browses the web pages (with downloadable ToonTalk programs) created by the European WebLabs Project to help children explore science and mathematics computationally.

  7. Visit Playground. Visit the city and notebooks full of games and game components created by the European Playground Project.


If you want to know more about any of the following, just click on the underlined words.

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