A picture of Bammer the Mouse smashing two numbers

Bammer the Mouse uses his hammer to combine things.

When Bammer sees a number pad drop on another number, he'll smash them together leaving behind the result. It is usually the sum of the numbers but you can make him do other kinds of math. Bammer will also smash together two text pads to make one. Bammer also smashes boxes together. If he sees a picture drop on another picture he smashes them together too. Only Dusty can remove a picture that has been smashed into another. Sometimes he'll come out even if the two things are not the same kind of thing. Like a number on text pad or text on a picture.

If a bird puts something on her nest when there is something already on top, Bammer leaves things alone.

Tip: If  you want to drop something on something else and have Bammer ignore it then press F11 rather than clicking the mouse button.

Tip: If Bammer has smashed things together that you don't want smashed then press F11 and he'll undo his mischief. F11 undoes only the most recent action by Bammer in that room.

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