How to Contribute ToonTalk Programs to the Web

If you want to contribute something nice you made in ToonTalk just pick up your creation and click on the Pause button on your keyboard . Then click on the 'Save to File' button and send the resulting file as an attachment. This is the best way to save things to share with others, especially if your your program includes pictures or sounds that you imported into ToonTalk.

Alternatively, pick up your creation and press control-c (hold down the key labeled Ctrl and 'c' at the same time). Now start up your email program (you can do it by clicking here) and paste the program into the body of the message. (Use control-v or most mailers have an "Edit" menu where paste is one of the options.)

A tip. If you have many things, then put them all in an empty notebook (you'll find one on page 12 of the notebook that lives in Tooly) or in a box and then save the notebook or box.

Thanks for your help.

If you want see what programs are available now click here.

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