Dealing with DirectX Problems in ToonTalk

The ToonTalk relies upon Microsoft's DirectX game extensions to Windows. DirectX is already installed in Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. ToonTalk can run with a DirectX as old as version 3, but some features are disabled and it may not be very robust. If you do run ToonTalk with an older version of DirectX then you may need to set Windows to the same screen resolution as you set for ToonTalk. E.g. both at 800x600. To upgrade or learn more about DirectX visit

In some situations DirectX errors occur only when running in full-screen mode. Try clicking on 'Set Options' to run in a window.

In some situations DirectX errors occur because of some problems with the saved state associated with a user name. Try giving a new user name when starting ToonTalk to see if this alleviates the problem.

A few DirectX problems will keep occurring unless you restart your computer.

There may be information about what is causing the problem in your log file (\My Documents\ToonTalk\<user name>.txt - where "user name" is replaced by the name you used when starting ToonTalk).

For more general ToonTalk trouble shooting help click here.

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