Drag and Drop in ToonTalk

You can drag files that contain pictures, sounds, or ToonTalk objects into ToonTalk. And beginning with ToonTalk 3 (or Beta 47 or 3.134X) you can drag a link from a web page as well. You can even select many files and drag them all at once into ToonTalk. Just follow these steps:

  1. Pause ToonTalk and select 'Come Back Later'.

  2. Select the file, files, or web page link you want to bring into ToonTalk with the right mouse button.

  3. Keep the right mouse button down as you move the mouse over the ToonTalk icon in the task bar.

  4. KEEP THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON DOWN until ToonTalk resumes and then release the mouse where you want your items to appear.

  5. If you time travel enabled you may need to press the Play button to see your new items.

Alternatively you can copy and paste files into ToonTalk using control-c and control-v. Note that if you want to paste the contents of a web page link into ToonTalk then you can right click in the browser and select 'Copy Shortcut' and then when you paste it into ToonTalk hold down the shift button while typing control-V. Otherwise just the name of the file will appear in ToonTalk not its contents. Pasting of links into ToonTalk requires ToonTalk 3 (or Beta 47 or 3.134X) or later.

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