Trouble Shooting Problems with Java Applets Made by ToonTalk

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Several things can go wrong when generating Java applets.

  1. The web page is displayed but it has no 'Start' and 'Stop' buttons. This indicates that the Java generated by ToonTalk either won't compile. If you are a Java programmer, you can see the error messages by running javashow in ToonTalk's Java directory. Please report such problems to Please include the ToonTalk object that was involved by typing control-c while holding it and then pasting it into your email report.

  2. The Java applet stops after pressing the 'Start' button. There are known cases of where this happens in one browser on one operating system and not on other browsers or operating systems. If you have an alternative browser try it out. In any case please report the problem to If you know how please send the information in the javalog.txt file or the Java console. Sometimes by moving the mouse cursor over the applet area, the browser will display an error message in the status line.

  3. The applet runs but it is an old applet, not that one that ToonTalk was creating. If you running Internet Explorer try holding down the control key while clicking on the 'Refresh' button.

  4. The applet runs but it stops reading mouse movement. Java applets are not able to move the mouse cursor, so sometimes ToonTalk games that use the mouse stop working when running as an applet. The problem is that the mouse has moved off the game area. You can move it back to fix things. Often you want to move the mouse under and around to come back from a different side. It is recommended that your game works with both mouse movement and keyboard commands to avoid this problem.

  5. The applet runs but the program doesn't seem to notice if the shift or control button are down. Java applets can only sense the shift and control buttons when held down together with an ordinary key, e.g. 'z'.

  6. The applet runs fine but some sounds aren't played. If no sounds are played, then one possibility is that some other program (including ToonTalk) is holding on to the sound system. Quitting another application might fix the problem. Another possibility is that the required sound file is missing or in the wrong format.

  7. The browser crashes or signals an error. Some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.0 SP1 - part of the first release of Windows 98 and some versions of 5.0 as well) sometimes show an "Invalid Page Fault" when attempting to run a Java applet generated by ToonTalk. Sometimes the browser hangs or reports a Java error. To work around this you can get a newer version of the browser or you can select "Internet Options" under the "View" menu, click on the Advanced Tab, and scroll down to "Java JIT compiler enabled". Make sure the check mark is removed. This should fix the problem but it will slow down all Java applets. This Internet Explorer bug has been fixed in version 5.5 and later versions. Please report any problems that persist with JIT turned off.

If you want to place the Java applets that were generated by ToonTalk on a web server, you can use the ToonTalk publishing tool. A zip file with all the needed files will be uploaded to your server.

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