ToonTalk and Logo

Is ToonTalk a colleague, competitor, successor, sibling, or child of Logo?

This paper appeared in the Proceedings of the EuroLogo Conference, August 2001 and the Logo Update newsletter.


The answer is all of the above. ToonTalk is a colleague because it shares with Logo so many goals and ways of thinking (so nicely described in Papert's book Mindstorms). It is a competitor because teachers and learners have a limited amount of time to devote to such things. It can be argued that ToonTalk is a successor to Logo because it is built upon more advanced and modern ideas of computation and interfaces. ToonTalk is like Logo’s little sister – looking up to her big brother while striving to out do him. And ToonTalk is a child of Logo in that it grew out of experiences of what worked well and what didn't in using Logo.

Download the entire paper as an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF)  - 1.2MB

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