Picture of Marty the Martian

I'm Marty the Martian and I'm always ready to teleport in and give you some help. 

You can get Marty to come or go by pressing the F1 button. If you are holding or pointing to something when Marty teleports in then he'll tell you lots of things about what you are holding or pointing to. With the CD-ROM version of ToonTalk, Marty can speak words rather than just show the words in talk balloons or subtitles.

Tip: If you have the ToonTalk CD-ROM or have voices installed on your computer then you can select which voice Marty uses by clicking on 'Set Options'. You can also choose to have Marty use subtitles.

Advanced Tip: You can use the options notebook to change how fast Marty speaks, how big the letters are when he shows speech bubbles, how important something has to be before Marty will talk about it, and whether he uses speech, bubbles or both.

Advanced Tip: If you have more than one language version of ToonTalk installed you can have Marty speak in one language and display subtitles in another. You'll need to set the SpokenLanguage option to do this.

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