Loading Playground games into ToonTalk

The Playground files have been updated for ToonTalk 3 (3.188 or Beta 52) or later. The ToonTalk start dialog includes a button to access the Playground files. If not installed then the files will be downloaded the first time they are used. You can also add all the files directly.

The Playground Project built upon ToonTalk (and Logo) to help small children make their computer games. The Game Place is where games made by children and researchers have been posted. These games require a relatively recent version of ToonTalk. They also use their own pictures and sounds. If you are not participating in the Playground Project you can still run (and modify or combine) the games in the Game Place. And you can submit your own games. Note that most of these games require ToonTalk version 2.28 or Beta 25 or later.

Typically these games have been saved turned off. Simply press space while pointing to or holding one to turn it on. Also if you flip the games over you'll often find instructions on the back. After playing with a game see if you can figure out how it works. And then see if you can improve it.

If you have ToonTalk version 2.35 or Beta 27 or later then when you click on links to games, cities, or components at the Game Place then ToonTalk should be able to find and download the sounds and pictures as needed. If you get warnings about missing files then try this.

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