What to try if ToonTalk is running too slow

The speed that ToonTalk runs depends upon very many things. These include the speed of your computer, the amount of memory it has, the screen resolution of ToonTalk, the number of colors available, which version of Windows you are running, how up-to-date your sound and video drivers are, and more.

If you have hundreds of robots running in houses or on the back of pictures ToonTalk can slow down. And if you are using very large numbers things can slow down. If this is the problem try logging into ToonTalk with a different user name to see if the problem goes away.

High-resolution graphics are typically slower. And sometimes the speed changes drastically depending upon whether ToonTalk is running full-screen or in a Window. Occasionally the processing to enable Marty to speak slows things down noticeably. Click on "Set Options" after starting ToonTalk and try different settings.

It is possible that some other program is running at the same time and competing with ToonTalk for resources. You might try running ToonTalk alone to see if this is the problem.

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