Maggie, the Magic Wand, copies things.  

Just pick her up and move the tip of the wand over the thing you want to copy. It starts wiggling. Just press the space bar and you've got a copy. Another press of the space bar drops the copy.

The button on the tip of the wand can change from 'C' for copy, to 'O' for copy and restore original (if anything has been erased), and 'S' for copy self (the only way to get another wand). Note that the 'S' feature is disabled in the puzzle game (except for robots) to avoid confusion for beginners.

For advanced users there are special keyboard commands you can use while holding the wand.

Advanced Tip. One thing Maggie can do is copy something that Dusty made blank so that the copy isn't blank. It looks like the thing did before Dusty made it blank. You can push o or O to do this with the wand. A neat trick is to take out a trained robot from a notebook and then copy the box in his thought bubble so that you get back the box that he was originally trained with. If you drop the copy on the robot, you'll see him do what he was trained to do. SHOW ME

Advanced Tip. If a robot is trained to use a wand with its button set to 'S' then the robot (and his team mates) are copied. This is a convenient way to create recursive processes.

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