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How can I get Marty to talk when running Windows XP?

If you installed ToonTalk 2 (either version 2.36 or 2.39) from a product CD-ROM on Windows XP and Marty doesn't speak then you can fix the problem by double clicking on d:\install\speech\spchapi.exe. (Assuming d: is your CD-ROM drive and the ToonTalk CD-ROM is in it.) Or download the text-to-speech extensions from Microsoft. You then can click on 'Set Options' after starting ToonTalk and select the way you want Marty to speak. Please report any problems or questions to

Why doesn't ToonTalk 2 running under Windows XP or 2000 remember what I've done in previous sessions?

Windows XP (and 2000) have limited users that can save files only in certain directories. When a patch for version 2.50 or higher is available it will fix this problem. Alternatively, an administrator or power user can fix this by editing the toontalk.ini file. The entry for UserFiles needs to be set to a directory that limited users have access to (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\ToonTalk). A few features depend upon all users having the ability to update toontalk.ini and will not work for limited users unless the security properties of toontalk.ini are changed. These features include displaying the most recent user name in the starting dialog box and bringing objects into a running ToonTalk by double clicking on a TT file. Warning: this change to the toontalk.ini file seems to interfere with ToonTalk's ability to resume where you left off in the puzzle game. We recommend you make this change only if necessary and only for use with Free Play.

When I run ToonTalk 2 in a window under Windows XP, a dialog box appears saying I should change Windows to run in 256 colors (or switch back to full-screen mode). On my Windows XP system there is no 256 color mode. What should I do?

Windows XP provides a compatibility option for programs like ToonTalk 2 that run with 256 colors. Go to the ToonTalk directory and right click on TT236.exe (or TT239.exe depending upon which version you have). Click on the "Compatibility" tab. Put a check next to "Run in 256 color". Repeat this for TT202.exe.

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