XML in ToonTalk

ToonTalk by default saves objects and cities in XML - a popular standard for encoding structured data. You can revert to the old format by setting SaveInXML=0.

The format is intended to be pretty readable. Attributes are typically used to store internal information - everything can be edited and pasted back into ToonTalk. Note that you can select a piece of the XML and paste it into ToonTalk as well as the whole.

Typing control-c while holding something will put the XML encoding of that object on the clipboard. You can put an encoding of everything on the floor if you type control-c with an empty hand while on the floor. You can copy a house or city by typing control-c while standing in a house or outside. You can paste and view this XML with any text editor. If you save something to a file (creating something with a TT extension) or a city (with a CTY extension) then the XML is inside a Zip archive as a file named data.xml. You can unzip it using any Zip/Unzip utility. Note that the file needs to be encoded as Unicode to be viewed in some circumstances. You can save the file as Unicode using a program such as WordPad. One convenient way to view the XML is with Internet Explorer.

Comments and questions on the format welcome.

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