History of ToonTalk Enhancements and Bug Fixes - 2005

Here is the list of bugs and enhancements in 2005. Similar lists for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006 are available as well.


  1. The bug fix of 12/30 dealing with time travel and the sensor notebook broke old demos that were created using rerecording where the sensor notebook had previously been opened.
  2. Various improvements to the way the installer registers file extension handlers.


  1. Released 3.134, 3.134X, and Beta 47.
  2. Fixed a couple bugs in the new ability to drag and drop links from web browsers into ToonTalk.
  3. Fixed a serious bug in reading URLs that only affected relatively large files (50 KB or so and greater).
  4. If you dragged files (or a link) into ToonTalk and you weren't sitting down the result was lost. Now it appears the next time you sit down.
  5. Released 3.135, 3.135X, and Beta 47b.


  1. Fixed a bug where you couldn't train a robot to type a label for a nest, bird, flipped picture, or a notebook.
  2. Fixed a bug where ToonTalk crashed if Marty tried to describe an untrained robot in a box.
  3. Greatly improved the error handling that might be needed when ToonTalk is generating a description of something for Marty to say.
  4. If a team of robots runs more than once within the same cycle and they used a random number sensor then the sensor is updated (i.e. changed to a new random number) each time the robots run.
  5. Fixed a bug where sometimes if a built-in notebook is destroyed then pages of copies of that notebook were sometimes clobbered. (E.g. a box gets zero holes, a text pad gets zero characters, etc..)
  6. In some cases ToonTalk crashed if you gave an untrained robot a box with the remote control for the looks of a picture.
  7. If you pressed F1 while holding an untrained robot then the robot's name became 'p' as well as Marty appearing and describing the robot.
  8. If you erase a truck with some cargo you no longer see the cargo.
  9. Released 3.136 and 3.136X.


  1. If you type to a text pad very fast and then rub out all the letters sometimes the text pad became invisible.
  2. Sometimes if you train a robot with a sensor on the back of a picture that is sensing the back of the same picture then ToonTalk crashed when you gave the robot the box.
  3. If toontalk.ini specifies a folder for UserFiles that doesn't exist ToonTalk tries to create the folder now.
  4. Sometimes when you drop a truck in a box it animated with strange sizes.


  1. If a robot was trained to add a label to a box then when run he did so very slowly.
  2. Improved the situations when warnings are generated if a robot is manipulating the remote looks of a picture that has been vacuumed up.
  3. Sometimes if a robot put a flipped picture on the back of a flipped picture then sensors didn't change allegiance until the picture is flipped or copied.


  1. In unusual circumstances a picture was removed by a robot or bird from the back of a picture but the picture still "thought" it was on the back and acted confused.


  1. Fixed many problems introduced by the previous bug fix.
  2. Fixed a problem introduced on 1/1 that broke some old demos.
  3. You no longer can drop a flipped picture on the remote control for the looks of the front of a picture.


  1. Fixed a problem with the parts sensor that caused something to be destroyed twice (but other code prevented that from doing harm). No longer generates spurious warnings.


  1. Fixed a problem that caused spurious warnings about something being a part and not being a part.
  2. Somehow a bird can leave a nest in a confused state about whether its stack was returned or not. Happened once and not clear how to reproduce but the nest is now fixed if this happens.
  3. Fixed several more problems introduced by the bug fix of 1/6.
  4. If you dropped your main notebook on an erased box then ToonTalk would often crash later.
  5. Sometimes when pictures with lots of tiny boxes on the back were flipped a "plop" sound was played.
  6. Fixed two situations that can cause an object to appear where ever you move on the floor and it can't be selected. Standing up and sitting down fixed the problem.
  7. Improved the wording of some error messages.


  1. If a robot make heavy and frequent use of the clipboard (or probably the file system as well using the file foreign bird extension) then ToonTalk processed messages from Windows during the wrong phase in its cycle. Two symptoms were keystrokes were lost and 'Come Back Later' sometimes kept displaying on top of the desktop.
  2. If flipped pictures with things on top, or a truck with cargo, or certain sensors ended up in the box in a robot's thought bubble they were very costly and served no function (other than provide detailed objects if the box is copied).


  1. Introduced the new toontalk.ini switch RemoveUnneededThingsFromThoughBubbles.
  2. Fixed a very serious round off bug involving fractions and the width and height sensors. For example, dropping -0.1 on 100 produced 99.
  3. Sometimes the parts and container sensors weren't updated.
  4. A bug fix of 1/1 caused a crash loading a city where the notebook of built-in sensors had been vacuumed up.
  5. Fixed a problem that can cause a crash while pasting an object into ToonTalk.
  6. Trucks in boxes can now be erased and will match any truck (normally trucks match only if their cargoes match).
  7. Tiny boxes are displayed more efficiently now.


  1. When a robot took something out of a box ToonTalk computed a "good size" for the object. Sometimes this is an expensive operation (e.g. when it is a text pad with thousands of lines as can happen with the ToonTalk to Excel tool when collecting data). The good size is now only computed if the robot is being watched.
  2. If the picture of a remote control is vacuumed up or destroyed then the sensor becomes blank. These sensors can now be dropped on the back of other pictures and are restored to normal.
  3. Sometimes the remote control for the looks of something if that something has been destroyed displayed with the wrong size (bigger than the box hole for example). It now becomes blank and displays the right size.
  4. Released 3.140 and 3.140X.


  1. Introduced the ability to interrupt a lengthy load of an object or city. (Experimental version only.)


  1. You no longer get, what everyone agrees, is an annoying interruption from Marty if you try to rubout an empty text pad.
  2. Introduced new dialogs for interrupting the loading or saving of cities or objects. And also interrupting the loading of something from a URL over the Internet. (Experimental version only.)
  3. A space was missing in a message describing numbers that are too big to display in decimal (several million digits).


  1. Undid a change in how tiny boxes display that was introduced in 3.140 since they are big enough to look empty when they aren't.
  2. Made further improvements to the new ability to interrupt lengthy loads or saves.


  1. Fixed a problem in loading a city with sensors with textual values that was created in a different language version of ToonTalk.
  2. Fixed a problem with Marty speaking when visiting a city saved while Marty was talking in a different language.
  3. ToonTalk now ignores toontalk.ini files that don't have a setting for MainDir. This is because uninstalling ToonTalk leaves behind a version of toontalk.ini that contains only changes made subsequent to installation and typically has too few settings to be usable.
  4. The ClickMe.exe program that is run by autorun when the product CD-ROM is inserted is now capable of supporting running ToonTalk un-installed without putting up dialog screens. For this to work the toontalk.ini file in the ToonTalk directory needs to have InstallCompleted set to 1.
  5. Fixed a bug that interfered with robots in other houses from using the decoration sensors to put pictures on the walls or roof.
  6. Inactive sensors for randomness or the clipboard caused demos and time travel to sometimes replay incorrectly. Also ToonTalk did unneeded work for inactive sensors.
  7. Fixed a bug related to the previous one that occurred when the sensor had been erased, saved, and loaded.
  8. Fixed a bug related to the previous one that occurred when the sensor vacuumed by Dusty and the city was saved and restored.
  9. Fixed a problem that sometimes interfered with replaying demos and time travel archives when the sensor notebook from page 4 was used. The fix only prevents the problem from occurring with new demos.


  1. Fixed a bug that can arise while exiting after playing a time travel archive.
  2. Fixed a bug that was caused by restoring a city where the room decoration sensor is in a truck or being carried by a bird.
  3. ToonTalk now displays how many objects have been loaded when a large city or an object with many parts is loaded. Made other improvements to the warning "Loading, please wait".


  1. When returning to ToonTalk after certain dialog screens one sees the former location of your arm and hand for a short while.


  1. The new toontalk.ini Switch RemoveUnneededThingsFromThoughtBubbles was misspelled RemoveUnneededThingsFromThoughBubbles (without the last 't').
  2. Fixed another problem with robots using decoration sensors while off screen.
  3. Fixed a bug caused by dropping a box from the Magic Wand by using the space bar on top of an untrained robot.
  4. Fixed a bug caused by dropping a box on a bird and then dropping her nest into the box very soon afterwards.
  5. Made further improvements to the new ability to interrupt lengthy loads or saves.


  1. Fixed a problem that generated spurious warnings sometimes when a robot takes something off the top of a stack on a nest while a bird is moving the stack around.
  2. Implemented the ability to drag and drop DMO and CTY files into ToonTalk. Copying and pasting them works as well. The DMO files don't replay correctly if recorded at a different screen resolution. New demos are OK. Send kenkahn@toontalk.com email if you want to be able to drag and drop an old DMO file.
  3. Fixed a problem pasting a house from the clipboard if Bammer the Mouse had ever run in that house.


  1. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused a crash while exiting.
  2. Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred when restoring a city where teams of robots were working on the floor.


  1. Fixed some bugs that occur when dragging a DMO file into ToonTalk.
  2. Fixed a different bug caused by dropping the name of a DMO file on the 'File to Object' sensor.
  3. Since demos typically don't run correctly in a different screen resolution than when they were recorded, ToonTalk now switches resolution if needed to run a DMO file in an already running ToonTalk.
  4. If a demo is run in an already running ToonTalk when it is over or exited you are returned to the city as it was just before the demo started.
  5. Fixed a bug in loading a notebook that had been saved more than once that caused it not to include all the included user media files when saved. Note that the problem didn't affect new notebooks.
  6. Sometimes after certain events when running ToonTalk in a window, ToonTalk made the window "topmost" in a way that caused it to stay on top of other windows. Now it still goes to the top of other windows but won't stay there if another window is selected.


  1. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused ToonTalk to crash while exiting after running someone else's time travel archive.
  2. Released 3.141 and 3.141X.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused the experimental version of ToonTalk to crash when a TT file is clicked on unless ToonTalk is already running.
  4. Released 3.142X.
  5. Fix a bug that caused "ghosts" of old subtitles and the programmer's arm to remain after loading something into the experimental version of ToonTalk.
  6. Improved the feedback when loading in the experimental version.
  7. Released 3.143X.


  1. Fixed a bug that caused a crash while exiting after playing a time travel demo.
  2. Fixed a problem where the room decoration sensor could get "lost" (e.g. being pasted or in a truck outside) can cause a crash. Also when "lost" it no longer keeps the appearance of the previous house.
  3. If a picture with a robot with a generated name on the back is removed from a notebook and then dropped right back down it didn't return to the stack.
  4. Sometimes if a picture was on a glued down picture and you stood up the picture was displayed as if it were under the glued down picture.
  5. You can now double click on a DMO or CTY file while ToonTalk is running and it'll respond.
  6. If you changed the button on a tool using the keyboard then sometimes ToonTalk spoke the wrong description.
  7. Made ToonTalk recover from errors if they occur while trying to play a user defined sound.


  1. Fixed another bug that caused a crash while exiting after playing a time travel demo.
  2. Fixed a bug where ToonTalk would erroneously receive a system message to quit and then crash while trying to quit at an inappropriate time.
  3. Fixed a problem where the sensors in the Options notebook weren't initialized properly. For example, it always showed 'Bald' initially.
  4. Released 3.144 and 3.144X.


  1. When loading a URL (to a remote file) into ToonTalk the experimental version now displays progress and makes it clear when interruptions are possible.
  2. Fixed a performance bug where sometimes a URL was read twice.
  3. Fixed a memory leak in loading URLs over the network.
  4. On 11/25 restored the ability to remove a value from the Touching Who? sensor and if touching more than one thing to be able to cycle through all of them. This introduced a bug in "uncollide" where sometimes ToonTalk froze. Also it missed some of the things being touched when part of a picture (it didn't missing anything if the picture was on the floor).


  1. Fixed a bug where ToonTalk crashed after returning from 'Save to File' if the thing being saved contained very large user pictures. (Very large is where the raw version of the images was at least 1% of the physical memory of the machine.) I think this bug may also be triggered by displaying multiple copies of the same large picture.
  2. The fix of 1/24 where notebooks of user media didn't always save with the media files didn't cover all cases. Fixed now.
  3. The fix on 1/26 for glued pictures sometimes made the programmer character walk in front or behind things incorrectly.
  4. Fixed the underlying cause of the bug in the experimental version that was introduced with 3.141X and fixed on 1/27 where system messages seemed to be arriving indicating ToonTalk should quit. Also this restored the ability to exit from ToonTalk while loading something large.
  5. Fixed a problem introduced on 1/27 that caused some old demos to not replay correctly (e.g. act 2 of the Pong demo).
  6. Released 3.145 and 3.145X.


  1. Fixed a bug introduced in 3.145 that caused "uncollide" to not function.
  2. Sometimes a team of robots on the back of a picture would forget they were running until the picture was dropped or space typed to it.
  3. Released 3.146 and 3.146X.


  1. The new ability to drag and drop from a web browser interfered with drag and drop of an attachment from a mail message. Both work now.
  2. You once again can drop a team of robots or a notebook on an erased number pad to compute the size of the team or number of pages.
  3. You couldn't type 0 in bases other than 10.
  4. Fixed a problem introduced with 3.140 that sometimes caused ToonTalk to freeze when there is a parts sensor for the back of a picture that is on the back of the picture.
  5. If you clicked on help URLs in a dialog (e.g. the one explaining time travel when asking your name) then the browser was usually underneath the dialog. The dialog window now minimizes when reading help files.
  6. 'Set Options' now offers 'Advanced Options' which enables the setting of all toontalk.ini options.


  1. Updated and enhanced some of the HTML documentation.
  2. Released 3.147 and 3.147X.
  3. Sometimes when standing up or leaving a room with robots working the items on the floor have the wrong size.
  4. If toontalk.ini does not have an entry then an internal default value is used. That value is now written to the toontalk.ini file so that the default is easily to see and change.
  5. Fixed problems that occur when a robot was trained to use Pumpy and is running off screen.
  6. Fixed a problem where if a robot was trained type control-v it suspended if it was off screen.
  7. Released 3.148 and 3.148X.


  1. Improved the loading feedback to allow for localizations with different grammars.
  2. Improved the feedback when loading something via a URL over the network.


  1. Fixed a bug where sometimes if a bird and copy of her original nest were saved together then when restored additional copies of her nest were not noticed by the bird. Fixed it both so it generates the right XML encoding and fixes the problem with old encodings at load time.
  2. If a nest is taken out of a box and a robot is waiting for something to arrive on that nest, then the robot stops. Previously the robot would just wait even if the nest were replaced with something that does match the thought bubble.
  3. Fixed a problem that generated spurious warnings caused when a city is saved while a bird has temporarily removed things from her nest.
  4. The Autorun application (ClickMe.exe) that starts ToonTalk or the installer when the product CD-ROM was enhanced so that it can be customized to directly run ToonTalk if running from removable media (e.g. a memory key).
  5. Fixed a bug that caused large URLs (at least 5 KB typically much more) to be only partly loaded. If the URL was a file that had been internally zipped by ToonTalk then you see a text pad starting with PK rather then the ToonTalk object appear.
  6. Restored the ability to type ~ to complement the bits of a number.
  7. If ToonTalk cannot initialize the text-to-speech engine a warning is still generated but it is no longer treated as a ToonTalk error that should be reported.


  1. Fixed a bug in travelling back in time when a nest has been copied.
  2. If a robot was trained to break up "My Box" and then vacuumed up the part that was called "My Box" then ToonTalk couldn't generate a Java applet using such a robot.
  3. If a robot was trained to copy a box and drop the copy on an erased number then ToonTalk couldn't generate a Java applet using such a robot.
  4. Fixed a bug in the Java run-time for applets that caused problems if a robot copied something containing the remote looks for the thing being copied.
  5. Sometimes Java applets ran robots that were on the back of flipped pictures that were in boxes.
  6. Released 3.149 and 3.149X.


  1. Fixed a bug that prevented Java applets from working if a robot was trained to label a nest with an egg in it.
  2. ToonTalk can now generate Java applets for robots that were trained to use arrow key editing of text or number pads.
  3. ToonTalk ignored a drop of a box on an erased number that was inside of another box.
  4. ToonTalk didn't generate working Java applets of programs that included robots in a truck if those robots used the main notebook.
  5. ToonTalk didn't generate working Java applets of robots that had an un-erased truck in the box in their thought bubble.
  6. The Java run-time for ToonTalk applets can now deal with robots that used the right mouse button to flip to the next page of a notebook.
  7. Fixed a bug in the Java run-time for applets that caused problems if a robot took something from the global sensor notebook.
  8. A robot that was trained to type to a sound pad when run as a Java applet made a sound for every key stroke and otherwise ignored them.


  1. Fixed a bug in generating a Java applet of a robot that dropped Dusty, picked something else up, and dropped it on the ground.
  2. Fixed a bug introduced on 1/11 that prevented the training of a robot that vacuums something off a sensor (like Touching Who?). Bug only occurred if RemoveUnneededThingsFromThoughtBubbles was set to 1.
  3. If you trained a robot that had two remote control for the looks of the same picture in the box then the second sensor was still "alive" in the thought bubble box. Applied if one sensor was Touching Who showing the remote control for the looks of another sensor in the box.
  4. Sometimes ToonTalk couldn't generate a working Java applet of something that included a truck with robots inside.
  5. Sometimes a non-rectangular picture in a Java applet displayed a gray rectangle behind the picture.
  6. A Java applet using the sensor for whether the right mouse button is currently down showed the values for the left mouse button instead.
  7. A Java applet of a robot that matches different colored rectangles (or other synthetic images) now matches only if they have the same color.
  8. Released 3.150 and 3.150X.


  1. Fixed a bug where if a remote control and its picture were in a box and dropped onto a notebook they lost their connection.


  1. Fixed a bug when saving multiple notebooks with user media in them that only one of the notebook's media were included in the TT or CTY file.
  2. Fixed a bug where ToonTalk crashed if you gave a bird a scale and her nest was in a box.
  3. Fixed a minor performance problem in the code keeping track of which media files need to be saved.


  1. Sometimes with time travel enabled when you saved something to a file with media files then city media files not part of the object saved were included.
  2. Saving something to a file with time travel enabled sometimes didn't include one of the needed media files.
  3. Robots can now be trained to vacuum something off of a notebook.
  4. Marty no longer says the wrong thing when you press F8 in a city that was saved with the power off.
  5. Marty reported an error when a robot dropped something on an erased zero-hole box when nothing was really wrong.
  6. Released 3.151 and 3.151X.


  1. Improved the way nests keep track of robots waiting from something to arrive on the nest. And if you take the nest away while a robot is waiting he now gives up and stops.
  2. If a robot is given a box with an empty hole where in the corresponding location in the box in his thought bubble there is something the robot waits. He now stops and gives up if you take away his box and give it to another robot.
  3. If you grab a box that a robot is working on and give it to another robot the first robot now stops working.
  4. If a robot was confused and tried to drop something on a thought bubble then Marty produced a confusing warning about something has gone wrong.


  1. If every house is destroyed new houses are built. This now only happens if every house is destroyed and no trucks are driving around.
  2. Fixed a bug introduced on 2/4 that caused robots to forget the nests they were waiting upon when saved. If they were on the back of a picture pressing space caused them to find their nests again. This same bug sometimes caused time travel to crash.
  3. If a robot gets confused it now drops anything it was holding and moves just to the right of the box it was working on.
  4. If a robot was trained to use Pumpy the Bike Pump and then was retrained the robot stopped after using Pumpy.
  5. Fixed a bug that caused the training of a robot that puts together three or more robots into a team to be recorded incorrectly.
  6. Since 1/17 erased pads or birds loaded in as turned off.


  1. Made many improvements to how ToonTalk handles the smashing together of two nests. Details here.
  2. If you pick up a nest with things on it and drop it on another nest those things are transferred rather than lost now..
  3. If a city is saved just one frame away from a house being removed after blowing up then the house is there when restored. And upon entering it the first time you are thrown outside (as if it were about to explode).


  1. Fixed a memory leak with nests.
  2. Released 3.152 and 3.152X.


  1. Marty (and Java applet comments) described robots that used arrow keys to edit pads or labels incorrectly.
  2. Fixed a bug introduced in 3.151 that sometimes interfered with training robots to use a vacuum. (This was a consequence of the fix that enabled the training of robots to vacuum a page from a notebook.)
  3. Sometimes despite the setting of ExitWhenDemoEnds, a time travel demo exited.
  4. Released 3.153 and 3.153X.
  5. Many demos had narration that overlaps by a second or so. Fixed in US, UK, PT, and SE language versions. Also act 2 of the Pong demo in Portuguese was missing the time table for narration and subtitles (so there was none).


  1. Loading the nest of a long-distance bird on another computer produces a warning. This warning is no longer treated by ToonTalk as an internal error that should be reported.
  2. The fix of 2/16 interfered with training a robot to vacuum a page from a notebook.
  3. The fix of 1/3 to deal with the pressing of F1 while holding a robot interfered with the ability to use arrow keys to edit a robot's name.
  4. Fixed two bugs caused by restoring a city with the power off while holding a fully loaded truck.
  5. Java applets are now reloaded when Start is pressed after the applet has already run.
  6. Some Java applets where a robot dropped something to the left side of its box didn't run correctly.
  7. Some Java applets stopped if a robot edited a number into a string that is an invalid number (or rubbed out everything to indicate zero).


  1. Fixed a bug generating a Java applet while holding a robot that has a bird in its thought bubble.
  2. Fixed a problem generating Java applets of robots that use the keyboard and were trained before the introduction of arrow key editing.
  3. Fixed a problem where sometimes Marty would flash in, display something as a subtitle, and then leave very quickly.
  4. You can now turn off a truck so that it won't drive off even if loaded with a box and robot until it is turned back on.
  5. Sometimes a Java applet kept running even if the user moved to a different web page.
  6. Fixed another problem running Java applets of robots that used the keyboard and were created in versions of ToonTalk before the support of arrow key editing.


  1. ToonTalk couldn't generate Java applets of robots trained in versions of ToonTalk created before November 2000 that dropped a box on an erased number.
  2. Fixed a recently introduce problem where numbers were displayed with '+' as a prefix in Java applets.
  3. Fixed a problem running a Java applet where a robot edited a number so it was just '='.
  4. Fixed a problem running a Java applet where a non-integer is dropped on an integer where it used to produce an integer result.
  5. Java applets can now deal with non-integer positions or sizes of pictures.
  6. Fixed a problem in Java applets where a robot types to a number that had been flipped over and back.
  7. Sensors in Java applets with non-integer values display better now.


  1. Fixed problem that generate a spurious warning when many birds were delivering things to the same nest. (E.g. the Sentence Maker in the Examples notebook.)
  2. A change made on 2/8 made it impossible to generate Java applets of some robots that used the keyboard.
  3. Marty described a picture with a textual comment in a long-winded confusing manner.
  4. If a Java applet was created of program that used joystick sensors then ToonTalk gave a warning and considered this an internal ToonTalk error.
  5. Sometimes when typing a multi-line comment on the back of a picture or pad the comment was displayed for a while.
  6. Java applets now deal properly with non-integer speeds for pictures.
  7. Typing F1 to a flipped picture changed it to a good size.
  8. Undid a change made on 1/22/02 that caused text pads to have a very wide font so that it was hard to see very many characters at once.
  9. Fixed a problem introduced on 1/4 where robots inside of a truck then placed in a notebook stuck out beyond the edge of the page.
  10. Fixed additional problems with the narration of the built-in demos in two cases starting before the last sentence was finished.
  11. The Portuguese version of the second act of the Ping Pong demo was missing narration and subtitles.
  12. Fixed a recently introduced problem if the web page with a Java applet lost the focus before it was started.
  13. Fixed a problem in Java applets where a robot drops a non-integer with the '=' operation on something else.
  14. Some normal occurrences in Java applets used to display correct but unimportant information in the applet's status line.


  1. Fixed a problem generating Java applets of robots trained in old versions of ToonTalk that dropped something on an erased something and then picked up the thing dropped (which has been destroyed by Bammer for over four years).


  1. When exiting from a thought bubble or after pressing F7 sometimes birds returned to a hole in a box but ToonTalk displayed them at the wrong place.
  2. Fixed another problem generating Java applets from robots trained in versions of ToonTalk that are at least three years old.
  3. If you hit Pause or Escape while ToonTalk was creating an object on the page of a notebook, then the dialog screen was inappropriate.
  4. Released 3.154 and 3.154X.


  1. Fixed a bug introduced in 3.153 that interfered with training robots to use notebooks.
  2. If a robot was trained to flip over the remote looks of a picture to use its remote controls and the notebook of remote controls is already on the floor when the robot starts the robot would stop and get confused.
  3. Fixed a bug introduced with 3.150 that caused pictures to change if a robot was trained to manipulate remote controls for the picture from the notebook of remote controls.
  4. An untrained and unnamed robot was named 'p' if you pressed F1 while holding it.
  5. Fixed a problem where occasionally time travel hung with a white screen.
  6. Released 3.155 and 3.155X.


  1. Fixed a recently introduced "quirk" where if a robot is trained to flip a picture over and then flip it again that the notebook of remote controls didn't return.


  1. Sometimes in full-screen mode when the time travel buttons are displayed the cursor is not visible. ToonTalk now draws its own cursor. The Windows cursor can be restored by setting the toontalk.ini option EumulateMouseForFullScreenTimeTravel to 0.
  2. Alt-F4 (a standard keyboard shortcut for closing an application) was ignored while time travel was paused in full screen mode.
  3. When a long-distance bird is created or loaded for the first time in a session ToonTalk now displays the subtitle "Please wait. ToonTalk is setting up network connections for a long-distance bird." (Experimental version only.)


  1. Pressing F10 now displays help for using the function keys. Pressing F10 again turns off the help. (3.156X only.)
  2. Undid a change made on 2/24 that caused a small memory leak while training robots.
  3. Fixed a bug introduced with 3.140 that caused time travel to hang if some other program grabbed the focus while it was saving a city.
  4. Fixed a bug training a robot to drop something on the side of the remote control for the looks of a text pad.
  5. Making changes to the remote control for the looks of something while training a robot changed the thing being controlled.
  6. Released 3.156 and 3.156X.


  1. Fixed a bug in the Java applet run-time that caused the dropping of text and number pads on other text and number pads to be ignored. The problem occurred sometimes when robots were on the back of the pads or the remote looks of the pads were used.


  1. Floating point numbers (those produced by operations like SINE and fractional powers (^)) if they had 20 or more zeros before the first non-zero digit then they displayed and saved as if they were exactly 0.0. Also floating point numbers that needed more than 128 digits to display were not saved correctly.
  2. The new cursor displayed when paused during time travel was displayed a few pixels too far to the right.
  3. Fixed a problem where occasionally ToonTalk hung with a white screen.
  4. Introduced new error messages for arithmetical exceptions.
  5. If you performed a mathematical operation (multiplication or exponentiation) that would have created a number requiring hundreds of megabytes or more ToonTalk would sometimes get into a broken state. Now no number can consume more than 10% of available memory and an attempt to create one will produce a nice warning.
  6. Operations such as NATURAL LOG, LOG 10, and fractional powers (^) now produce approximate answers even if the number is too large to fit in a double floating point number (smaller than 10^-328 or greater than 10^308).
  7. Dropping ^N where N is very large (greater than 2^31) now works. It typically reports an error but if the number being operated upon is 1, 0, or -1 then the result is computed regardless of the size of the exponent.
  8. Fixed a bug in computing SINE, COSINE, and TANGENT of non-integer non-floating point rational numbers.
  9. If you paused ToonTalk while the time travel buttons were visible then when you returned you saw two mouse cursors.


  1. Fixed a bug introduced with 3.152 that caused problems interrupted a robot while retraining if the robot was holding anything.
  2. Fixed a bug where sometimes a flipped picture showed a miniature picture of the way it looked earlier.


  1. If a picture is not flipped and the remote control for the looks of the picture is flipped then you couldn't drop a box on a robot on the back of the picture via the remote looks. Now all box drops on the back of a remote looks sensor will connect up with the next unattached robot, if there is one.
  2. Fixed a small performance bug where various things were being recomputed simply because the object was selected.
  3. Sometimes Marty would explain twice (in different words) why an arithmetic operation caused an exception.
  4. Released 3.157 and 3.157X.


  1. Fixed confusing wording in a warning that occurs when a picture is missing its image file and is then saved.


  1. Fixed a problem that generated spurious warnings about a nest having a negative bird count when a city is destroyed (e.g. during time travel).
  2. Fixed a problem that caused memory corruption and crashes that was caused by certain configurations of copied nests that were saved in a city and then that city (via time travel) or the nests were destroyed.
  3. For some arithmetical exceptions the new informative error messages were lost.
  4. A new error message appears if you do an arithmetic operation that would create an imaginary number (an even root of a negative number).


  1. If a robot was trained to pick up the main notebook and used the keyboard to change the page number, then the robot was recorded incorrectly and ran in a confused manner.
  2. If a sequence of arithmetic operations included shrinking digits then the subsequent operations couldn't be seen. Operations no longer use the shrinking digit format.
  3. Released 3.158 and 3.158X.


  1. Clicking the right mouse button while holding certain option sensors (such as the one controlling the screen size) sometimes crashed ToonTalk.
  2. Fixed a problem where sometimes the screen size option sensor when set to 2X made a 2X window but only displayed in the upper left quadrant.


  1. Picking up a bomb and pressing F1 or the arrow keys set off the bomb.
  2. Pressing F1 while holding a very long number sometimes caused it to get a bit narrower and could even be displayed left of your hand.


  1. Sometimes when a robot took something out of a box in a box on a nest, it got confused and stopped and Marty complained.
  2. Released 3.159 and 3.159X.


  1. Fixed a bug releasing cycles of objects (e.g. pictures and sensors and in some cases birds and nests.)
  2. The Examples notebook (usually found on page 6 of the main notebook) can now be localized so that multiple language installations don't interfere. ToonTalk now looks first for a file named <country code>.6.xml before using examples.xml.tt.
  3. Fixed a bug reference counting a notebook placed in a truck that ends up in a new house. Could cause a crash.


  1. If a saved city's size is changed then ToonTalk produce spurious warnings about a house being removed from where it wasn't.
  2. Removed a restriction on the size of cities that limited them to a maximum size of 255 by 255 streets. Experimental version only. (3.160X)
  3. Removed a restriction that required that all cities are square (equal number of streets and avenues). Experimental version only.
  4. You can no longer fly so high in your helicopter that the city becomes smaller than one pixel and becomes unseen.
  5. Fixed a problem that occurred during time travel that could under special circumstances cause a crash if a box being used by a robot was saved while it was in an intermediate state.
  6. Fixed a problem that prevented a robot from adding a label to a hole of a box that contained an empty nest.
  7. Fixed a problem introduced on 1/20 that can sometimes cause a robot to wait for Bammer even when off screen -- the robot would run when you re-entered the house.
  8. Fixed a problem that occurred when a robot waited if it tried to update a decoration sensor in a house that the programmer has never been in.
  9. Sped up slightly the time it takes for a robot to run (or try to run).
  10. Since 2/19 you can turn on and off trucks. This no longer recursively turns on and off the contents of the truck as well.
  11. Fixed a bug where a truck built a house where it was when the programmer entered or left a house rather than the address it was headed towards.


  1. When a bird flew out from behind a picture to a nest that was on the floor, the size of the thing being carried was sometimes very large or very small.
  2. Sometimes if you left a house just a bird was also leaving the house the bird got confused about where to fly to.
  3. If you put something in your pocket that can be edited by arrow keys (pads and bird or nest labels) then the arrow keys didn't work for navigation.


  1. Improved the warning message when loading a ToonTalk object with unrecognized XML tags (perhaps due to loading a newer format object into an older version of ToonTalk).


  1. If a picture has a robot without a box on the back then when producing a Java applet, ToonTalk incorrectly generated a box for the robot when running as an applet.
  2. Fixed a problem where occasionally collisions were reported when the objects weren't touching.
  3. Fixed a bug in the Java run-time introduced in February that caused the applets to break if any extended keyboard keys (e.g. arrow keys) are pressed.
  4. Released 3.160 and 3.160X.


  1. If you trained a robot with sensors showing textual values then the thought bubble ended up with ordinary text pads that displayed an animated marquee as if they were still sensors.
  2. Java applets now show a screen shot before starting.
  3. Fixed a bug in the Java applet run-time (introduced on 3/4 while fixing another bug) that handled incorrectly pictures dropped on a picture that had been erased and had a different picture dropped on top.


  1. Fixed a problem running a few old demos (Pongact3_v2 is the only known example).


  1. Fixed a problem where sometimes aborting the loading of a city lead to a crash.
  2. The warning to wait while objects are being loaded showed the wrong numbers if while loading a city a file for a notebook was loaded.
  3. You no longer can interrupt the loading of the notebook of sensors (on page 4 of the main notebook) or the Examples notebook (on page 6). They usually load so fast it was hard to interrupt anyway.
  4. Pressing F1 or F10 interrupted retraining of robots.
  5. If the first robot training for a user is to retrain the robot then you no longer get Marty popping in saying things about ordinary robot training.
  6. If you erase a team of robots ToonTalk now displays each member of the team as erased. Previously only the first robot was displayed so.
  7. If you created a snapshot (e.g. by clicking on Edit Picture) sometimes the image had a black or gray line on the bottom or right side.
  8. Fixed the dialog that is shown when you press Pause while holding something so it also shows the checkmark option for including media in a saved city. (The check mark for saving the object's media is still there.) Requires full installer.
  9. Released 3.161 and 3.161X.


  1. If a robot's box has an empty hole where the robot expects something else then the robot didn't wait for the box to be filled in if it had teammates behind it.
  2. ToonTalk could crash if an empty text-to-speech sound was played.
  3. Sometimes the object double clicked on was ignored if ToonTalk was paused while you were in the process of sitting or standing and then the TT file was clicked upon.


  1. A bird could get confused if it was moving the stack of things on its nest to put a new item on the bottom and the container of the stack ended up on the back of a picture.
  2. Sometimes a box that a contains a nest that a bird has returned to was destroyed but its memory wasn't reclaimed.
  3. Fixed a problem introduced with 3.161 where sometimes the snapshot of an application (used for uploading, Java applets, and 'Edit Picture') was computed incorrectly. The fix should also be faster for large pictures.


  1. Sensors are treated specially inside a thought bubble. This didn't always work right if the sensors were on top of a nest.
  2. If a robot is waiting for a nest in a box to be covered and the box is vacuumed away then the robot now stops waiting.
  3. Fixed another bug caused by a bird that was moving the stack of things on its nest to put a new item on the bottom and the container of the stack ended up on the back of a picture.
  4. Sometimes a robot trained to drop something in empty hole of a box was confused if retrained.
  5. Sometimes while retraining a robot it dropped things off screen.
  6. Sometimes a robot trained to drop something on something else was confused if retrained.


  1. If a bird's nest is copied and then the original is vacuumed up then when a robot gave the bird something, the robot would wait forever for the bird to finish.
  2. If a robot replaces its box (e.g. by breaking 'My Box' into parts and then vacuuming up the part labeled 'My Box') then if it ran on the back of a picture it would lose its box.
  3. Fixed a couple problems caused by vacuuming up a flipped picture and then its notebook.
  4. Released 3.162 and 3.162X.


  1. Sometimes robots on the back of a picture ran twice "at the same time" rather than run again after having completed running.


  1. Sometimes when a bird was delivering something to her nest and her nest was in a box that another bird was delivering, the first bird got stuck or confused.


  1. Fixed additional situations involving nests in moving boxes or being placed on the back of pictures where the birds got confused.


  1. Fixed a bug caused by replaying a demo where Marty is speaking.
  2. Sometimes Marty didn't speak numbers properly (in the experimental X version).
  3. Released 3.163 and 3.163X.


  1. Occasionally Marty when showing subtitles would incorrectly think he was already talking and not say something.
  2. A multi-line fraction when flipped over twice displayed partially off the pad.
  3. Fixed a bug that can occur when a robot on the back of a picture is waiting on a nest and the picture is vacuumed up.


  1. Notebooks saved in some old versions of ToonTalk (one instance was from 3.27) when restored the first two pages are not infinite stacks and are removed when grasped.
  2. Fixed a performance bug with robots using a magic wand.


  1. Fixed a bug that corrupted memory causing random crashes that happened sometimes if a house decorated in front was blown up.
  2. Released 3.164 and 3.164X.


  1. Fixed a bug that corrupted memory after a text pad whose value can be interpreted as a number is dropped on an erased number.
  2. Occasionally you can sit down and stand up very quickly and Tooly becomes invisible next time you sit down.
  3. Fixed a recently introduce bug that caused an empty subtitle to appear sometimes during the credits when replaying a demo.
  4. Sometimes when a truck drove off a small "ghost" of a truck appeared on the floor.
  5. Released 3.165 and 3.165X. (And Beta 48 on 5/5.)


  1. ToonTalk can get a bit confused if you grab a nest while a bird is returning the stack after removing it to put something underneath.
  2. Sometimes if a robot flipped through the pages of a built-in notebook on more than 32K cycles then ToonTalk ran out of memory (since it tried to allocate a negative amount). (There still is a problem that every time such a robot runs a cycle it consumes 4 bytes until the robot is stopped.)


  1. If a truck is loaded on the back of a picture without an address the robot and box end up on the back of the picture. There was a bug where if the picture was saved without having been flipped the robot and box weren't saved.
  2. If a subtitle was longer than 500 characters a memory error occurred that typically didn't manifest itself until much later if at all.
  3. Released 3.166 and 3.166X.


  1. Under unusual circumstances a city can be saved where Marty can't be sent away. Fixed now.
  2. When the power is off (F8) you can give Marty things to annotate objects. You also used to be able to vacuum away Marty and confusion followed.
  3. Also the Magic Wand gave feedback that you can copy Marty but just made a failure sound if you tried.


  1. If a bird's nest or nests were vacuumed up, the city saved and restored, the nests spit out of Dusty, then the bird no longer found those nests.
  2. Sometimes a bird carried something with very bad geometry (e.g. just a pixel tall).
  3. The position sensors for pictures used to only display integer values. Then in 2002 a new feature was introduced to optionally display the value as an exact value. In the meanwhile the default became inconsistent so under some circumstances the sensors displayed exact values and sometimes integer values. ToonTalk is now consistent and you can change the default from showing integer values to exact values using DisplayPositionsAsIntegers customization option. Experimental version only (3.167X).


  1. Fixed an animation problem introduced in January that showed birds putting the stack of things back on its nest where suddenly the bottom element went on the top of the stack and then a second later was on the bottom. Was very confusing but was harmless.
  2. Sometimes (e.g. when a bird's nest is in a box that another bird is taking to its nest) a box became a "screen glitch" where the box was displayed wherever you moved on the floor and would disappear when you stood up and sat down. Such boxes are displayed correctly now.
  3. On some systems after a crash ToonTalk fails to generate a crash report and displayed the cryptic message "DBGHELP.DLL too old". The message is now more informative and includes the error code to enable tracking this problem down.
  4. Some warnings such as the one that ToonTalk may go slow due to the use of very large numbers, are no longer offered to the user if they occur while running a demo or time travel.
  5. Released 3.167 and 3.167X.


  1. A robot trained to drop something in a box, take it out, and put it on the floor got confused and Marty appeared with a warning about a robot that lost track of things.


  1. A robot trained to drop something on a hole of a box and then pick up the result when run with a nest there would sometimes get confused while running and a bird removed the stack of items on the nest to put a new item on the bottom.
  2. If you typed 'f' while pointing to a number with base 16 or above they keystroke was ignored.
  3. If you tried to make a negative number in a base other than 10 ToonTalk would sometimes get confused and the number wasn't interpreted correctly.
  4. If a city was saved while Tooly or his friends were not selectable then they become selectable when you sit down.
  5. Released 3.168 and 3.168X.


  1. Fixed a problem where items on a nest act bizarrely when removed. Occurred sometimes when a copy of a nest was in a vacuum.
  2. Fixed a bug introduced on 5/22 dealing with entering non-base 10 numbers.
  3. While 1/2 in decimal has displayed as 0.5 for over a year, -1/2 displayed as -.5 rather than -0.5 until today.


  1. The result of bamming numbers on the floor that are 2D fractions would often display poorly (part of it off the background pad) until picked up.
  2. If you dragged a CTY file to a running ToonTalk it properly switched to that city but sometimes would crash the first time you sat down on the floor.


  1. Improved the placement of things dropped by robots.
  2. Fixed another bug introduced on 5/22 dealing with entering non-base 10 numbers.


  1. Sometimes when you removed something from a nest it size and position was wrong.
  2. If you flipped a very large picture (larger than the screen) then often the flipped picture was in your hand but floating off screen.
  3. When AbsoluteMouseMode is enabled you couldn't go up and down in the helicopter. You can go up as usual and down only by pressing the 'd' key (since left mouse down means something else in absolute mouse mode).


  1. Typing 'f' to the 'File to Object' (formerly 'File to Picture') sensor with a picture on top destroyed the picture.
  2. Further improved the placement of things dropped by robots.
  3. If while in window mode you press Alt-Tab or otherwise cause another window to be selected and ToonTalk is loading a file then it continues to load and doesn't display anything until the ToonTalk window is selected again.


  1. Released 3.169 and 3.169X
  2. Sometimes when a robot drops a picture on something the position sensors for the picture aren't updated correctly until the next cycle.
  3. If something is glued down and on the ground you can walk over it now.
  4. Sometimes if you saved a city while holding a picture bigger than the screen then when the city was restored you were still holding the picture but it was displayed in the wrong place (even off screen).
  5. Fixed an additional problem generating applets whose "name" contains non-alphanumeric characters.


  1. If a robot dropped a nest on a nest then it hung if watched.
  2. Marty gives a warning if you attempt to give a bird something containing her nest. This now applies if the bird's nest has been bammed onto a nest contained in that something.
  3. Under rather special circumstances if you tried to train a robot to give something to the bird, the bird didn't fly off.
  4. If you give something to a bird whose nest is on the back of a picture that has been turned off then sometimes the bird refused it.
  5. Made further improvements to where robots drop things on the floor.
  6. Under special circumstances ToonTalk crashed when a picture with things on the back was destroyed because a vacuum's "stomach size" has been exceeded.
  7. If a robot was trained to type '.' while holding or pointing to the remote control for the looks of a picture and the robot was on the back of that picture, then the picture was turned off next time it was flipped rather than when the robot typed the '.'.
  8. If no name is given in the dialog asking for a name then the empty string was used leading to confusion. Now a "No Name" name is used.
  9. Sometimes if a user uses the "No Name" name then the name was converted to the user name of the last demo run.
  10. Released 3.171X (3.170 was a special release).


  1. Sometimes Java applets stopped when trying to compute something to a negative power.
  2. Some operations on floating point numbers truncated them to integers. So, for example, .9+.9+.9 would be 0.0.
  3. Sometimes  a bird flying to a nest on the back of a picture held by the programmer as he or she stands up ended up "stuck in limbo".
  4. If you dropped a text or number pad on an erased picture the resulting pad could cause a crash when operated upon or saved.
  5. If you have a picture with birds and nests on the back and click on 'Edit Picture' in the Pause dialog then the edited copy has birds and nests that are not new pairs but connect to the birds and nests of the original. Now it acts just like using Maggie the Magic Wand.
  6. Released 3.172X.


  1. Displaying very tiny numbers sometimes computed a negative width font -- apparently harmless but wasteful.
  2. Sometimes if a number was very small (visually) inside of something and became larger then only the first one or few digits were displayed.
  3. Dropping a number displayed as a fraction on an erased text pad sometimes resulting in a text pad with the decimal representation of that number.


  1. Fixed a bug in saying numbers in languages with non-ASCII characters -- e.g. Portuguese biliões were the õ was replaced with a non-character.


  1. If a very tiny bird (less than a pixel) was carrying something it sometimes was displayed incorrectly.
  2. A robot trained to give its box to a bird sometimes got confused.
  3. If a robot gave a bird something and there were multiple nests the robot proceeded when the first bird copy returned rather than when the last one did.
  4. If a robot flipped through a notebook off screen then if that notebook was sent off in a box it was on the wrong page.


  1. Boxes displayed on the wall of the puzzle game sometimes had their contents displayed displaced to the left.


  1. Sometimes when a bird starts flying from off screen its animation to a good size was delayed until seen.
  2. Sometimes when Marty is speaking and then the programmer leaves, he waits until the programmer returns to teleport out.
  3. Sometimes Marty disappeared when saying something (with speech and subtitles enabled).
  4. Fixed bug caused by running a robot on the floor that had been trained to drop its box in a truck which caused a warning about something being destroyed that was on the floor.
  5. When a robot was trained to drop part of its box ("My Box") in a truck then it didn't switch to considering the remaining part as its box.
  6. If a robot was running off screen and dropped a robot on another robot then the action was incorrectly suspended until you visited that house.
  7. If a robot running off screen put a team of robots in a box then the robots were too small for the box and if there were many some were displayed outside the box hole.
  8. Fixed a problem computing the size of things in boxes when the hole is very tiny.
  9. When a truck was in a box you sometimes could select and grab the cargo and sometimes not.


  1. Fixed a problem with a bomb going off in another house that occasionally caused ToonTalk to crash.
  2. Pasting a fully loaded truck while on the ground outside caused ToonTalk to crash.


  1. Released 3.173X.


  1. If a robot gives something to a robot that it can't accept the robot now stops and Marty reports what happened.
  2. Introduced a new (default) mode for Marty.  If MartyAppearsOnlyIfCalled is set then when Marty wants to say something an icon appears and lasts MartyHasSomethingToSayDisplayDuration seconds before going away and forgetting what it was he wanted to say. If before the icon disappears one presses the F1 key then Marty will say then what he currently says when triggered by an event.


  1. Fixed a problem replaying demos correctly that didn't start from a saved city (directly or via DefaultUser).


  1. Marty didn't greet you if you managed to walk into a house very quickly from the usual start flying in the helicopter.
  2. Numbers constrained to a tall narrow space displayed poorly. This included when on top of a nest on the floor.
  3. If you took out any of the decoration sensors (roof, front wall, room) out of a box they didn't grow to a good size (nor did using Pumpy make them grow to a good size).
  4. Fixed a problem that dropping a box on a team of robots on the ground sometimes caused a crash while generating a warning.
  5. Sometimes when calling for Dusty quickly (using F2 twice) the selection was not the tip of his nose.
  6. Using Pumpy to make something Narrower or Wider didn't do anything if the object was very wide (e.g. 30,000 normal sized digits).
  7. If interruptions for a particular kind of trouble shooting had been turned off, then the log file now explains how to restore the old behavior.


  1. If an object was made invisible and then flipped over the image flickered.
  2. Released 3.174X and Beta 49.


  1. Fixed a bug introduced on 5/13 that affected integers greater than 2^31 (about 2 billion) that had been non-integers. (E.g. 1/3 that was later multiplied by 300000000000) The number displayed with a final decimal point (or as a fraction displayed as n/1). If you edited such a number (e.g. tried to rubout the decimal point, then the number was incorrect).
  2. When MartyAppearsOnlyIfCalled is set then Marty said the right things but then acted as if you called for him to explain the thing you were holding or pointing to.
  3. The StartTT.exe now does additional error checking if the initial dialog HTML file is missing and puts up a dialog box rather than just silently terminating. (One way this arises is if two different language versions are installed that customized the content of the opening dialog.)


  1. If a system is configured so that some of the special folders (e.g. My Documents or Shared Documents) is a drive (e.g. d:\) then ToonTalk had troubles storing files.


  1. If something was saved that contained a picture on top of a nest and sensors for that picture then half the time when saved it did not load properly.
  2. Resuming the puzzle game when on the previous session the last puzzle involved a bird that whose nest is put on the rocket's wall sometimes led to crashes for that user name. This particular bug was fixed and error handling for loading in the user profile was enhanced.
  3. If you dropped a sensor for the horizontal or vertical position on an ordinary integer you typically got the correct answer plus some fraction.
  4. If you typed an operation (e.g. / or =) to a numeric sensor then there was no way to restore it. Now sensors turn off when they become an operation. Sensor that are off can be edited using the arrow keys.
  5. Released 3.175X.


  1. The bug fixed on 11/1 where a non-integer resulted from adding an integer sensor to an integer didn't work if the addition was off screen.


  1. The bug fixed on 11/3 where a non-integer resulted from adding an integer sensor to an integer caused other instances of that sensor to have its value change by a fraction.
  2. A sensor that was made was changed to be an operation (see fix 4 on 11/1), did not save correctly so when restored the operation was lost.


  1. When MartyAppearsOnlyIfCalled is set then the Marty "icon" now disappears after 15 seconds rather than 30. And when it disappears the text he was going to say goes away. Previously if you called for Marty he first said something he wanted to say that may have been very old.
  2. Marty no longer says some introduction about how he may be hard to understand when a new user is first greeted. (This was a hold over from early poor quality text-to-speech engines.)
  3. Fixed a problem where if a number on the ground or floor is made too tall then font becomes small.
  4. Fixed several problems displaying fractions where the numerator or denominator is partly off the left edge of the screen.
  5. Fixed a problem where fractions whose numerator and denominator are the same length but displayed with slightly different font sizes so that the alignment was lost.
  6. If after a trouble shooting warning was displayed an the option was checked to not interrupt again for this problem or warning then many copies of the warning could end up in the user log file. Now only the first occurrence is logged.
  7. Released 3.179X. (3.176X to 3.178X were released only to Gordon.)


  1. Fixed a bug introduced in April that prevented old format cities (pre-XML) from loading.
  2. Fixed a bug that prevented the retraining of a robot that took things off the back of a remote looks sensor (and the touches who) sensor.
  3. If the file for the icon that Marty wants to say something was missing then ToonTalk crashed.
  4. The fix introduced on 11/8 made Marty forget important warnings and error messages.
  5. If a picture had been flipped over and then was Bammed with another, ToonTalk wastefully saved the notebooks of remote controls for those pictures, in order to implement unbamming.
  6. If you moved your hand enough to cause the camera to follow while Tooly is settling down then sometimes his contents were shifted. They still are but after a second or two they go to the right places.
  7. Improved the error handling if a USR file has been damaged.
  8. Released 3.180. (Stopped using X for experimental.)


  1. Fixed a bug introduced in 3.180 that caused demos and time travel archives to be saved incorrectly. These faulty files can be read by 3.181 and later but not earlier versions. And faulty files are no longer produced.
  2. Fixed a bug displaying boxes with the correct size when on the ground and seen from high above the city.
  3. Fixed a bug where birds left on the ground changed their size when seen from the helicopter.
  4. Fixed a bug where if you pressed F2, F3, or F5 (once or twice) while Tooly is still opening up then the tools sometimes ended up in your hand but in a confused state.
  5. Released 3.181.


  1. While fixing a bug on 11/8 made shrinking digits have too narrow a width and hence looked bad.
  2. Ellipses displayed incorrectly if partially off screen.
  3. Marty could cause a crash when entering a house.
  4. Sometimes when you entered a house you heard the sound of Marty beaming in but he didn't.
  5. Fixed a display bug where sometimes doing an operation on a very large number created a number that displayed the first few digits followed by ...
  6. Fixed a bug where while standing something on the floor is displayed on top of Tooly the Toolbox.


  1. If a WAVE file is imported as a user sound and it was compressed then it didn't play. It does play now but turning off a compressed sound doesn't work. Note that for a long time now WAVE files that are compressed can be used as narration to demos.
  2. Released 3.182 and Beta 50 (delayed until 12/8).


  1. Even if MartyAppearsOnlyIfCalled is set to 1 Marty will appear if the message is extremely important.


  1. Generated a version of ToonTalk only for running programs -- no robot training. Will be freely distributable.
  2. Fixed a problem starting new demos when a demo is already being played (or time travel is being used). Typically caused by dragging a DMO file to ToonTalk while it is paused.
  3. Improved the warning produced if ToonTalk is launched with unrecognizable command line options.


  1. Fixed the spelling in an error message displayed when reading a corrupted file.
  2. Fixed a problem caused by double clicking on a ToonTalk file twice quickly before ToonTalk gets to respond to the first double clicking.

Continued for 2006.

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