History of ToonTalk Enhancements and Bug Fixes - 2006

Here is the list of bugs and enhancements in 2006. Similar lists for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 are available as well.


  1. If while training a robot the main box (My Box) is split into pieces and the pieces are joined so that the main box ends up on the right or inside another box then sometimes the robot used to vacuum up its box after running.


  1. Sometimes if a picture has a sensor on its back and the picture has been turned into an infinite stack then ToonTalk crashed when a copy of the picture was removed from the stack.
  2. When you stand up or enter a thought bubble your hand automatically moves down off the screen. If while moving the hand pointed to a picture which was using the Selected sensor then it used to be triggered even if the hand was moving automatically.


  1. If a picture was added to a decoration sensor (for the wall, room, or roof) and then that picture moved or changed size by changing sensors then the decoration on the wall, room, or roof wasn't updated.
  2. Released 3.183.


  1. If the sensor for whether a picture is selected is on the back of a picture and that picture is copied then the sensor in the copy showed that it is selected until it is deselected, selected, and then deselected again.
  2. Released 3.184.


  1. Fixed a problem editing the label on a nest or a robot with arrow keys.


  1. Restored a feature (after about 3 years) that when a nest is saved and all its birds have been destroyed then when it is restored there is a new egg in the nest and a new bird will hatch.
  2. Scales no longer consider upper and lower case versions of the same letter as equal. Note that scales saved as part of old programs continue to behave as before.


  1. The restoration of the saving of a nest with no birds as a nest with an egg (see 5/9) did not work (immediately) when the nest was saved in a notebook.
  2. If a robot is given a box that has an empty hole where something else is in the corresponding position in the box in the robot's thought bubble, then the robot waits for something to be put in that hole. For the last 3 years a portion of the box in the thought bubble glows red. It no longer does since glowing red is understood to mean a mismatch not a suspension of matching.
  3. The ToonTalk executable now supports Spanish if a Spanish version of ToonTalk is available (it is in progress).
  4. Released 3.185 and Beta 51.


  1. If a robot was trained to type something to something and when running that thing isn't there, the robot used to hang. Now it continues and a warning is added to the log file.


  1. Fixed a bug introduced on 1/15/05 that caused an error when rubbing out an empty robot name (e.g. typing rubout twice after picking up a robot).


  1. If ran with DontScrollOnFloor = 1 and then reset it to 0 then you still couldn't move around on the floor if logged in with a user name that had been saved with scrolling turned off.
  2. Sometimes (for example, when turned into a stack) a user imported picture in a saved city became full sized when copied/selected.
  3. If you erased a sensor and then vacuumed up the picture being sensed then if other objects are vacuumed so that the picture is destroyed then the internal state became inconsistent and crashes were possible. This can happen if the number of items vacuumed exceeds MaximumItemsInDusty.


  1. Released 3.186.


  1. Fixed a problem with the container sensor that it doesn't show something that is on the back of something else.
  2. Fixed a problem where undo did nothing when it should have been able to undo the last action of Bammer.
  3. Released 3.187.



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