Creating a Default User in ToonTalk


You can customize ToonTalk so that all new users begin as "copies" of a user you have created. You can create a user and customize things, change the main notebook, or save the city and everyone will start off with those changes.

There are two ways of telling ToonTalk about the default user:

  1. Adding an entry to toontalk.ini. If you set DefaultUser then every new ToonTalk user on that computer will be affected.
  2. Adding to the command line (typically of an icon). If you add "-default_user username" to the command line of the ToonTalk icon then every new user who starts ToonTalk using that icon will be affected. You may want to create multiple icons with different default users for different purposes.

Note that if the main notebook of your default user contains user pictures or sounds that are not also in the default user's saved city then you need to set SaveMediaInMainNotebook=1 in toontalk.ini.

Also note that if your default user has a saved city and the user logs in with a user name that already has a saved city they will end up in the their saved city, not the saved city of the default user. You can avoid this by using -must_be_new_user 1 on the command line.