French Extensions of ToonTalk

Nathalie Mathé has translated more than half of the ToonTalk puzzles and everything that Marty says within the Puzzle Game. After you have installed either the ToonTalk product, download and run nfrench.exe instead (about .7 MB). (You cannot install the French extensions on top of a "minimal" install from a CD-ROM.)  Note, however, that only parts of the system are currently translated so that with the exception of the Puzzle Game you'll see a combination of French and English. You can restore things to use the previously installed language (e.g. English) by clicking on 'Set Options' and changing the language option. (If you are running a beta version you may need to switch the language back to the previous language in order to run demos.) Unless you have a French text-to-speech engine installed on your machine you probably want to also use 'Set Options' so that Marty doesn't speak when you are using the French extensions.

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