ToonTalk and Text to Speech

The ToonTalk CD-ROM includes and automatically installs a text-to-speech engine so that Marty can speak. It is also used by the text-to-speech sensor so you can use text-to-speech in your own ToonTalk programs.

If you would like to try ToonTalk with another speech engine or you downloaded the beta version of ToonTalk, you can download a free text-to-speech engine from Microsoft. You'll then need to select 'Set Options' next time to run ToonTalk and select the voice you wish to hear.

If you don't see any voices listed on the options screen after installing voices then you probably need to download Microsoft's SAPI extensions. Note that the ToonTalk 2 CD-ROM installs the SAPI extensions when needed except on Windows XP. If you are running Windows XP with version 2 this is how to fix it.

Please report any problems.

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