Running ToonTalk without Installation

Beginning with ToonTalk 3 you can run ToonTalk without installation. We recommend, however, you install ToonTalk before running it. Problems you are likely to encounter if you don't install include:

  1. Marty doesn't speak. Without installation the built-in voice for Marty cannot be used. On some computers (those with Microsoft SAPI 4.0 installed and text-to-speech voices) Marty can still speak after selecting the voice using 'Set Options'.
  2. The installation makes file type associations for file extensions TT (ToonTalk object), CTY (city), DMO (demo), USR (user), and PZL (puzzle). Instead of double clicking you'll have to drag these files to the ToonTalk icon (StartTT on the CD-ROM in the ToonTalk folder) or in some cases to a running ToonTalk image.
  3. On some versions of Windows 95 and a few versions of Windows 98, it might not run at all without installation. Please report any problems if it doesn't run on Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or later.
  4. Peedy, the Microsoft Agent, will only appear if separately installed.

Note that the ToonTalk directory can be copied to a memory key or removable disk drive and all the ToonTalk and user files can be kept on the removable media.

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