Thinking skills and ToonTalk

ToonTalk is a fertile and playful environment for children (of all ages) to learn the following critical thinking skills:

The argument for ToonTalk isn't that it, or even computer programming in general, is unique in providing an environment for learning these thinking skills. (Proponents of Logo make similar claims, for example.) But it is a very rich environment where these kinds of thinking skills are "exercised" frequently in a natural context. And it is an environment in which there are fewer hurdles to overcome (like a programming language syntax or learning to play a musical instrument and to read music) before one begins to be productive and learn. And it is a fun and appealing environment that maintains a child's motivation very well.

Apropos Logo, a long discussion of the relative merits of ToonTalk and Logo was held on comp.lang.logo and a paper relating ToonTalk and Logo was written.

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