ToonTalk can speak many languages! 

  1. English (US and UK versions). The US version is included in the current beta test release.

  2. Swedish. This includes translations of dialogs, everything Marty says, the puzzles, and the documentation. The ToonTalk CD-ROM also includes Swedish narration for most of the demos. The CD-ROM also enables Marty to speak in Swedish. The translation was done by Lennart Mogren and Tobias Zetterlund. ToonTalk is for sale in Sweden.

  3. Portuguese (Brazil). Divertire, a subsidiary of FuturArte Editora, a distributor and publisher of educational and reference
    software in Brazil has translated all the text and speech to Brazilian Portuguese. The product is now in final testing before going on sale in Brazil. Click here to explore the Brazilian Portuguese translation of this web site.

  4. Portuguese (Portugal). Cnotinfor in Coimbra, Portugal has translated all the text and speech. Click here to explore the European Portuguese translation of this web site. The European Portuguese version is for sale by Cnotinfor.

  5. Japanese.  Available.  Click here for more details.

  6. Italian. In progress. The web site has been translated by Ferrante Formato but is not currently available.

  7. French. Nathalie Mathé has translated more than half of the ToonTalk puzzles and everything that Marty says within the Puzzle Game. It is available for free for those with either the product, beta, or trial versions of ToonTalk.

  8. Spanish. In progress.

  9. German. Nearly all of this web site has been translated. Click here to explore the German translation.

  10. Your language here. If you are interested in helping translate ToonTalk to some other language please let us know.

If more than one language extension for ToonTalk has been installed you can switch between them by clicking on "Set Options" after starting ToonTalk.

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